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Edge Landscaping has comprehensive lawn maintenance plans that will make your lawn the envy of the neighborhood and exceed all your expectations. A landscape design plan by Edge Landscaping will bring your vision and dreams into reality - using YOUR ideas and OUR state-of-the-art landscape design software.

When you desire a peaceful, relaxing place to enjoy the beauty of your integrated deck design, our custom deck installation professionals will help you create the perfect outdoor space for you. Maintaining your irrigation system is an important step in keeping your lawn green and healthy. Edge Landscaping maintains all sizes of commercial and HOA properties with a complete range of property services.

EDGE Landscaping will create a design to transform your property. We work closely to ensure we understand your needs and visions.

Patio Walkways

Stone and pavers provide an amazing allure to an already amazing landscape.  Walkways are a great way to create a unique element to your outdoor space that may include an existing patio, or even kitchen. Making the choice to include a walkway to update your home by adding pavers or stones to your patio, walkway, or driveway will add style and beauty. EDGE Landscaping will create a design to transform your property. We work closely to ensure we understand your needs and visions.

Let a new walkway or patio be the foundation for any new landscaping project.  A new patio in your backyard, a walkway leading from your home to your new patio, or even a beautiful new cobblestone or brick driveway, let our team put together a detailed plan that will be installed by our experienced staff.

There are many choices when it comes to pavers that are right for you. We take into consideration what color may best highlight your home or architectural style and texture of the pavers. We install only the highest quality material for your walkways, driveways, and patios.

Lawn Mowing & Maintenance Service

EDGE Landscaping offers residential and commercial lawn care and landscaping maintenance service packages in Bexar county and surrounding areas. We provide efficient and dependable service on your terms. We offer one time or recurring service tailored to each customer’s needs.

Lawns and landscaping require year-round attention in Texas as we have such warm weather, which begins with lawn mowing and landscape maintenance services. April through October is our fastest growing season, and some lawns may require mowing as much as once per week depending on rainfall. During the dry (good reason for EDGE to install a sprinkler system)and cooler months of November through March, lawns grow at a slower pace than the rainy summer months and can typically be mowed only once or twice per month.  We will be more than accommodating to fit the right pattern for your yard.

The most popular type of sod used is Bermuda or St Augustine grass. These grasses are great choices for this area but can quickly become overgrown when they are not being regularly mowed. Regardless of the season, Saint Augustine and Bermuda should be kept three to four inches high for optimum health and attractiveness. During winter months, Ryegrass is a popular supplement to existing lawns and may only require mowing as little as every three weeks and should be kept around two inches high.

Weeds in Texas find their way to lawns; it never takes a vacation.  Awell-maintained lawn is the solution. Proper care promotes thicker growth making it more resistant to weeds.  Let EDGE know if you need any type of service for your yard.  We will very proactive to keep you well informed about the health and needs of your property/home.

Lawn mowing - We know how to get the job done right. We know when to mow and at what length to mow your grass. We are also reliable, consistent and pay attention to detail.

Edging - This adds that finishing touch by creating straight clean edges around your driveway, walkways and landscaping beds.

String trimming - We take extra care and trim around everything in your yard such as trees, fences, mailbox and/or any other yard ornament.

Blowing - We clean up our mess by blowing all the clipping and debris off your driveway and walkways. We always clean up after ourselves!

Landscape trimming - We trim or prune all your plants, trees and shrubs as needed. We have the tools and knowledge to get this job done efficiently.  We are skilled at proper trimming of trees and bushes.

Weeding of landscape beds - Removing weeds from our clients landscaping beds is part of the job too. Weeds can overtake your landscaping and we ensure your landscaping beds are weed free before we leave your property.  We know you want a well-maintained garden, and with the heat and your busy schedule we are more than accommodating.

Mulch or rock refreshment - Adding a new layer of mulch or rock will refresh your landscaping beds and make them look brand new again.  More importantly, it keeps the flowers and bushes from drying out and having to replace.  That becomes very expensive if not properly maintained.

We offer lawn and landscaping maintenance service for the one-time customer or routine service. It is our pledge to ease your yard care burdens and tend to all your lawn and landscaping needs. We strive to provide our customers with fast and friendly service and maintain your yard as if it was our own.

Landscape Design and Install

A landscape design plan by Edge Landscaping will bring your vision and dreams into reality - using YOUR ideas and OUR state-of-the-art landscape design software. This process is designed to create VALUE and becomes the blueprint for making your dream become a reality.

After filling out a short survey that focuses on your needs, desires and budget. We will collaborate together and consult our library of landscape design templates for additional ideas if necessary. Either way, this information is then customized to create the best solution for your landscape needs within your budget.

This process will also include the design and layout of plantscapes and hardscapes (outdoor kitchens, swimming pools and custom decks) so that all the elements of your project look natural and professional.

Finally, we will implement your design with our expert installation team of professionals. Quality assurance is our highest priority, so no detail will go unnoticed by our friendly crew. Edge Landscaping has the equipment, experience and resources available for any size project.

Fireplaces/Outdoor Kitchens & Ovens

Let EDGE create an amazing outdoor fireplace, oven, or even full-blown kitchen.  Our team has the expertise and knowledge to help you transform any backyard into your dreamscape.  Outdoor fire places can create a beautiful focal point of your outdoor living area.

In the center of any fireplace contains a firebox where the fire burns inside, with a chimney for ventilation. The outside of the fireplace is usually covered in concrete, flagstone, river rock, brick or stacked stones for an incredible decorative look. There are many design options that can be added to a fireplace in addition to the basics (chimney and firebox), such as adding a mantle, adjoining patio, or even allowing it to be free-standing or attached to an adjacent wall. Fireplaces can be wood burning, propane, or gas. Of course, outdoor fireplacesare a more extensive project and are costlier than an outdoor fire pit.  BUT, in the end, you will be very satisfied with the outcome.  We work within your budgets on all projects.

Outdoor Deck Deign and Install

When you desire a peaceful, relaxing place to enjoy the beauty of your integrated deck design, our custom deck installation professionals will help you create the perfect outdoor space for you. Edge Landscaping has the experienced experts to take your ideas and transform them into reality with customized deck design software – making it perfect for your family, your lifestyle and your budget. Please be assured that we will constantly give our professional advice and opinions, but you will always be in control - leaving all major decisions up to you.

Pressure and Power Washing Services

Pressure washing can be a sufficient solution for smaller areas like driveways, decks and possibly the exterior of your house. A good time for pressure washing is when you want to increase curb appeal. It is a great way to add value without doing extreme improvements and achieves an almost brand-new look for your home exterior.

Since power washing is done with such force, it is recommended that it only be used on larger, exterior surfaces such as patios, fences, pathways and other types of stone.

Soft washing is a completely different service than power washing and pressure washing. Soft washing uses eco-friendly and environmentally safe, chemical solutions to clean the exterior of your house.

Irrigation Service and Repairs

Maintaining your irrigation system is an important step in keeping your lawn green and healthy.  We show homeowners how to save money, rather than unnecessary watering of their lawns and landscape. Irrigation systems are the most efficient method when it comes to watering your lawn, but if they are not properly programmed or don’t receive the necessary maintenance required, your sprinkler system could be costing you more money than necessary. Studies have shown that residential homeowners use 20-50% more water on their lawns and landscape than it really needs. Plus, you want to help avoid any water restrictions when it gets too hot for any length of time.

Benefits of a properly maintained irrigation system.

Watering your lawn is a very important task, and an irrigation system saves you hours of time to get the perfect lawn. Watering your lawn requires you must do so at regular intervals and with the appropriate amounts of water. On the outset, it seems relatively easy, but we see many plants and lawns suffer, or even die, from underwatering or even overwatering.

A few benefits from a professionally programmed and maintained irrigation system include:

  • Saves you money: A properly functioning sprinkler system will save you time and money; we know your time is valuable. Our team will check to make sure all sprinkler heads are working correctly and that there aren’t any leaks within your irrigation system. Your irrigation system will be programmed to water the lawn and landscape in the correct areas, with the appropriate amount of water, and at the proper times.
  • Saves you time: Irrigation systems work on a programmed schedule. You will no longer have to think about watering your landscaping (trees, grass, bushes, and even walkways, if desired) as the sprinkler system will do that for you. The days of dragging the hose and sprinkler out are over, especially when the hose will not reach to the far corners of the yard.
  • Saves water: When your irrigation system is properly functioning, your lawn and landscaping will only receive the amount of water it needs. Your lawn will thrive, stay healthy, and maintain its beauty as originally intended.
  • Lawn diseases that a proper sprinkler system can help you avoid.
  • Overwatering or underwatering your lawn can make it more prone to diseases and long-term.

Some of the potential problems include:

  • Brown Patch  A lawn can be easily be destroyed by brown patch, Rhizoctonia species, a serious fungal disease that can affect all South Texas lawn grasses. It can impact a lawn if the conditions are met.  It can develop rapidly when temperatures are warm (70° to 90° F) and humid, especially during warmer periods of the fall and winter months. Warm-season grasses such as St. Augustine (especially the over-planted ‘Raleigh’ selection), Bermuda, and Zoysia are most commonly affected by brown patch (also called large patch) during the early spring and late fall.
  • Root Rot  Occurs when the roots appear black and will cause your lawn to turn yellow, then brown. This will cause the grass to die off, leaving dead spots in your lawn. This disease is caused by a soil fungus, often due to overwatering.
  • Powdery Mildew  A very apparent lawn disease that will leave a powdery white substance covering the lawn surface.
  • Rot  This often occurs in the thatch buildup where areas of the lawn are not receiving enough direct sunlight and are being overwatered; we have several remedies for this, as may be common in more mature homes with overgrowth of trees.

Commercial and HOA Maintenance Services

Edge Landscaping maintains all sizes of commercial and HOA properties with a complete range of property services featuring:

  • Spring/Fall cleanups
  • Fertilization
  • Flower and plant installation
  • Garden maintenance (mulching)
  • Landscape construction (fences, hardscapes, trellis)
  • Weekly lawn care and maintenance programs
  • Pruning of trees/shrubs/bushes
  • Horticultural services by certified horticulturist
  • Lawn fertilization and nutrient application programs by certified pesticide applicator
  • Plant and tree diagnostics by certified arborist


When you decide to transform your backyard into an outdoor oasis, adding a fire pit or fireplace is a great addition. During the winter months, especially at night, the weather can be a little cooler. This is the perfect time for you and your family or friends to enjoy your outdoor living space sitting around a fire.

We work closely with our home and business owners to design and install an outdoor fireplace or fire pit. It is recognized that detailed planning is necessary to ensure it compliments your home and existing landscaping. We plan out every detail from seating areas to the materials. We often build seating walls around our fire pits and fireplaces, creating a beautiful focal point of your outdoor living space.


EDGE Landscaping focuses on all hardscaping and soft scaping, with that comes lighting to all these beautiful designs. When done correctly, with appropriate planning and design, you will see it is more than just adding a few lights. We specialize in landscape lighting design, including the different techniques and variety of lighting types, such as those with traditional electricity or solar. We want our customers to enjoy their new outdoor living spaces at night, as much as they do during the day. Our team has the expertise and experience to deliver, in large or small areas, lighting in ponds, waterfalls, pools, and trees.  We are confident that we'll turn your vision into reality when it comes to outdoor lighting.

There are many different lighting effects, lighting fixtures and placements.

  • Down lighting from hardscaping surfaces is when light fixtures are placed upside down under benches, countertops and seating walls. During the day these lights are hidden, but at night they create a soft glow.
  • Spot Lighting is used to highlight a main feature, such as a water fountain or any other focal point. One or two spotlights are typically used to highlight center pieces.
  • Path Lighting is basic, but is very popular when lighting steps, walkways and driveways.
  • Up Lighting uses low voltage lighting and is most commonly used to light up a tree from the ground. These lights are typically placed 8-10 feet from the trunk and will produce light that highlights the shape and trunk structure.
  • Grazing is generally used to highlight a texture or some other stone work. Lights are placed right against the wall with the beams pointed up, causing a shadow that captures the texture of the wall or stone work.